Below are some of the treatments provided at our Practice and their prices. The complete price list is available on site. If you wish you can pay by credit card.

Scale and polish with sandblaster PLN 250
Teeth fluoridation – recommended to be performed 2-3 times a year in patients with a high risk of caries PLN 70 – 100
Molar and premolar teeth fluoridation PLN 80
Fillings with flow type material, Twinky Star (colorful) PLN 80 – 120
Glassionomer and composite fillings in primary tooth PLN 80
Composite permanent filling PLN 170 – 240
Change of whitening tray PLN 80
Splint for whitening of one arch, paid separately PLN 600
Teeth whitening – one appointment PLN 1200
Oral surgery
Extraction – one root tooth, no anaesthetic PLN 150
Surgical extraction PLN 500
Oroantral fistula treatment PLN 300
Removal of cysts with root resection PLN 500
Surgical exposure of impacted tooth and application of a special element aimed at bringing the tooth into its proper position in the dental arch PLN 500
Crown (natural porcelain) fused on metal PLN 700
Skeletal prosthesis PLN 1600
Veneers – discolored teeth cosmetic polishing PLN 350
Zirconium crowns PLN 1500
X-ray picture (during root canal treatment one picture is to be paid additionally) PLN 50
Crown on implant: PLN 1500
Point in the bridge affixed on implants PLN 1000
Insertion of a single implant, every next one – PLN 2800 PLN 3000