It has always been a dream of mine to set up a dental Practice, where patients could feel safe and comfortable. The place, where they would be provided with professional care and where comprehensive dental treatment would be offered. I have always had a keen interest in oral surgery, yet at the beginning I mostly dealt with conservative dentistry. With time I gained some useful experience at various professional courses.

Between 2004-2009 I did my specialization in oral surgery at Regional Hospital in Kalisz and I started oral surgeries at Dental Practice, Sporna Street, Poznań.

In 2009 together with Agata, my friend who specializes in general dentistry, we discovered the appropriate place in Plewiska, in the building located at the ”New Market”, on the first floor with a lift.

Naturally, we had to design the layout of the Practice as well as the interiors. At first we had only one surgery. However, it was well equipped with all necessary devices, dental X-ray and separate sterilizer unit. After some time we added new features to our Practice, such as credit card payments and air-conditioning. In 2011 we started a second surgery. We are continuously developing and learning new dental technologies in order to improve our Practice.