We offer you a wide range of dental treatments and post-treatment care both to adults and children.

We provide the treatment of dental caries and their complications (endodontic treatment), caries and periodontium diseases prophylaxis, periodontal surgeries as well as the services within the scope of cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics and oral surgery.

ImplantsOral surgeryPorcelain crownsBridgesWhiteningRoot canal treatmentFillingsFor children

are the best option in case of various missing teeth. When titanium roots are applied into a bone it is possible to perform prosthetic restoration and missing teeth can be replaced.
This treatment requires a detailed examination and scheduling of surgery and prosthetic restoration. In some cases implants are contraindicated and sometimes they can be placed only after bone grafting procedure has been completed. The final prosthetic restoration is performed a few months following the implant application and up to that point the patient uses a temporary restoration.

Oral surgery

includes surgical procedures on alveolar process and surrounding tissues aimed at facilitation or even enabling the prosthetic and orthodontic treatments. Oral surgeries include removal of abscesses, extraction of impacted and additional teeth, enucleation of the cyst and some of the surrounding bone, root apex resection, hemisection and radectomy, plastic surgery of frenulum and oral cavity vestibule in preparation to prosthetic treatment, excisions of small lesions within oral mucosa, cyst removal of minor salivary glands, alveolar process plastic surgery, posttraumatic reimplantation, tooth trauma treatments.

Porcelain crowns

are used for aesthetic restorations of teeth with significant tissue damage. The performance of a crown requires the appropriate preparation of the tooth, i.e. its grinding. Sometimes the need of endodontic treatment appears or the tooth needs to be strengthened with the use of post and core.
Usually these are porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (such as gold or metal alloy). In certain cases all-porcelain dental crowns, without metal inlay, may be used.


literally allow for bridging the gap created by missing teeth by resting the dentures on the adjacent teeth. The performance of dental bridge requires the adjacent teeth to be appropriately prepared. This method is advised when implant dental treatment is contraindicated.
Bridges are permanently fixed in the mouth. Like in the case of crowns, sometimes endodontic treatment may be required and/or the tooth needs to be strengthened with the use of post and core. Bridges, like crowns, are characterized with high aesthetic result.


is based on the procedure of teeth shade whitening and their aesthetic improvement.
It does not interfere with enamel structure nor causes its demineralization. However, some patients may experience a temporary gingival irritation and teeth oversensitivity. These are the side-effects which rarely happen and may be easily dealt with in the dental surgery.

The main aim of ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is to retain the tooth root in the socket, which will allow for the tooth to be restored with the use of post and core and a crown or to constitute a dental bridge support. If possible, root canal treatment is performed in one visit to our Practice. Yet, it needs to be stressed that it is a relatively long procedure.

Root canal is filled also in case of root apex resection (apicoectomy).


are used to fill the missing tooth hard tissues with a composite. The characteristic feature of this procedure is the high aesthetics of the filling material and the possibility to prepare the tooth only within the damaged area with no need to extend preparation for healthy tissues for retention reasons.In particular cases we still use glass ionomers and compomers e.g. for fillings in primary teeth.

We offer a comprehensive care and treatment of teeth in young and older children.

The first appointment is treated as adaptation visit and it is based on the rule: ”say, show, do”. The children who have milk teeth may receive colorful fillings. If necessary, we provide them with local anaesthetic.
Older children may receive a full scope of conservative and surgical treatments. During appointments we particularly stress the importance of prophylaxis of caries, periodontium diseases as well as orthodontics.