Medical assistance

Medical assistance

(Polski) Powikłanie po usunięciu zęba w szczęce – otwarte połączenie z zatoką szczękową. Co dalej ?

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When the denture is broken

When the denture is broken In case of a broken denture please bring it to our Practice, perhaps its repair might be still possible. Please, do not use a cyanoacrylic glue nor any other glue – they are not appropriate for oral use and their application may inhibit or even completely hinder the fixing of …

Dental trauma management

First aid in milk teeth trauma Please report to the dentist as soon as possible. In case of broken or knocked out tooth please try and find it. If you fail to find it or its pieces please notify the dentist as the tooth may be found in soft tissues inside the mouth. If, due …

Toothache management

Toothache management When your tooth hurts you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Postponing your visit may lead to some complications, such as swelling and abscess, and result in the causative tooth extraction. We are ready to provide you with medical assistance upon prior telephone registration. The receptionist will schedule your appointment on …